Saturday, January 8, 2011

Congratulations KELSEY TAYLOR- 2010 Scholarship Recipient

Big Congratulations to our 2010 Scholarship Recipient Miss Kelsey Taylor. We were thrilled to present this award to a most deserving little dancer who has excelled in all facets of her dancing during 2010. Kelsey is one of those amazing little people who knows the only way to move forward is to work hard and work hard she has. Blessed with natural aptitude and talent, Kelsey uses all her gifts to make sure she makes the most of them. She is very enthusiastic, very focused and an absolute joy to teach. We look forward to working with Kelsey in 2011 and know that she is going to shine. Her infectious smile greets us every class and we are always so impressed with her efforts! GO KELSEY!!


Vickie T said...

What a beautiful photo of a beautiful dancer. Her parents are so very proud of her continued improvement year after year. She tries so hard and all her hard work and effort is paying off. We look forward to seeing what she produces in 2011. Our personal thanks to Rikki and Emma for their continued guidance of our little girl.

Rikki said...

And thankyou so much for entrusting your treasure with us. Her sister Courtney is equally as amazing so their parents are obviously very instrumental in creating such incredible little people.