Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What's been happening you ask??

I have neglected my blog....tsk is hard, I am in middle of technological meltdown. You should have heard me on phone today to Computer Repair man, hysterical as a banshee lamenting the loss of my computer!! YES, I know, it has been two months and still my computer is no closer to being reunited with me. I have all my music on it, much of which I need for Dubbo Eisteddfod. I await phone call....I think I frightened them. I will keep you updated. With this loss is also the loss of my 3 month old camera. I can't even post pics on the blog because the camera suddenly stopped functioning two weeks ago. ( am suspicious of a renegade gang called the "Slack-Smith Four" who have been spied with said camera in dirty little mits!!) Most devastating is that I can't share my new baby pics with you. I am the proud mother of "EVAN JEROME" Slack-Smith. So much has happened. We have Dubbo Eisteddfod in but a few short weeks. Rehearsals still to go. We enjoyed many a successful fundraising venture. If I am looking cuddly, don't just blame my new mum status but mainly the cookie dough that I haven't even been bothered to cook but rather just spoon from bucket straight into mouth. Forbes had a phenomenal day at their Family Fun day and I proved just how much of a mental giant I am at Dubbo's Trivia Night. I have also battled the flu, organised my tax ( so they'll let me leave the country), planned our USA itiniary and yadda yadda yadda. Crazy times. Where is the year going??

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