Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Group Day- Gulgong

Well done everyone for braving the very early morning and very cold weather to be at Gulgong on Sunday! Thanks to Miss Emmy J and Gail for accompanying me to support our dancers!! (Poor Miss Leesa- her car wouldn't start so she had to be updated regularly via sms. She must have sent us through some good vibes because the kids were outstanding.) Well done to all performers who participated in Gulgong! I can't wait to see the rest of our troupes on a stage very soon where all the hard work really pays off when you know you have done your very best. I just couldn't believe how incredible you all were and we were so proud of you ( i thought i might burst!) As we always say, the reward is in the dance when you know that you have danced your very best and that was certainly true on Sunday with most of the routines being the best I have ever seen them. You literally blew us away! Thanks to all the mums and entourage and fans for your support in making the day a fun nand successful one for our performers. We were also incredibly pleased with the sportsmanship and friendliness exhibited by our students. The results are 2nd- 8 yrs & U jazz ( WOW !!!! Girls- you were amazing.....), 2nd in Under 12s Jazz ( awesome work!), Ist and 2nd place- 12yrs & U Modern. We also received the highest points for an Under 12 group......Congratulations

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