Saturday, May 3, 2008


Well eisteddfod season is just one more sleep away ( though our soloists have been dancing up a storm all week!) and I am feeling pensive....I am excited but I admit I get very nervous! I noticed on my husband's facebook page the descriptor "David is really happy with the onset of Eisteddfod season"- me thinks this is perhaps sarcasm. Anyhow, I am busy checking music and packing costumes for Immy and Onny- yes Mums, I hear you...I am one of you on this night! I don't have any pics yet.....but I have been bombarded with phone calls and texts heralding our Superstars. So here you go, Little Jade Bunt made a most impressive stage debut on Wednesday (congrats Jade, I bet you rocked it), Amber Bunt won her Demi Character and got Highly Commended for her Jazz, Brandi MacGuire did an amazing job of her Modern and jazz solo, Courtney Hart won her Modern, got 2nd for her Demi and Highly Commended for her Jazz. Paris Burns won her Contemporary and got Highly Commended for her Modern. Most excitedly, I got two excited phone calls today, Miss Courtney Hart was the proud recipient of Most Promising Dancer in the Under 12s Restricted Trophy and Miss Paris Burns was the proud winner of Most Promising Dancer Trophy and Highest Pointscore ( a whopping 89 points). Stepping Out is very happy of you. Well Done to all of our kids who grace the stage. We love you all. Best wishes to our troupe performers tomorrow. Have fun! Do your best! That's all we ask......

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