Saturday, May 3, 2008


Hey There,

Happy Feet is on in the background of my it!! And I have had happy but busy feet all week. We are back at class and isn't it wonderful to see all of our students and so many new faces. I was so inspired by the finale of "So You Think You Can Dance"- (jason danced and so did my heart!!!) Great to see you all back and humming in class. New enrolments in Dubbo, Orange & Forbes.....a big welcome!!
Stepping Out never rests and that has seen an eventful week for us. I had the pleasure of being in the audience of the Office Professional Day at the Macquarie Inn on Friday, 2nd May to see our stunning seniors take to the catwalk like true professionals. Thankyou to Jacinta Sharpe (whoah Australia's next top model or what), Emmy J ( who worked it not just walked it), Kirshiah Sharpe (so hard being tall and beautiful), Stef Trafanglia ( beautiful!! ), Rach Shearing, (hot to trot), Katie Bennett (pocket rocket), Jess Cross ( wow), Krysten Duffy ( a huge wow- where did that come from??), Melissa Gleeson, (stunning), Tara Callinan ( is that Milan calling? i think so), Taylor Stanley (gorgeous!) and Jaci Dyball ( incredible!!). In my rush to get out the door, I left behind my camera so you will just have to believe me that they were absolutely GLAM! Thankyou girls- I was so proud to be associated with your style and beauty. Some of our girls travelled and it was so appreciated because they just made the day! My fave moment , mmmmmm a hard one, was it tucking into canapes' and sipping on wine as our girls sashayed down the run way or was it when every staff member of the Macquarie Inn referred to me as Miss Rikki in awe inspired tones. About time i got some respect and adulation hahahahahahah

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