Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Toast to Trudi Ferrari & Tracey Bennett


I was up early this morning adding news and pics to the Blog but got carried away and had to race out the door to get to Disney rehearsals.. (very impressed with the Juniors today!! We finished your Modern (yay!) and the Seniors were looking unreal. Considering this was only our 3rd rehearsal, all I can say is WOW! The other big Wow I have to say is to Miss Trudi-Lee, the co-ordinator of our fair and most ably assisted by the dynamic Tracey Bennett. I started giving thanks this morning but had to run out mid-post! So here it is, a very big pat on the back to these two wonderful ladies who proved to have energy and enthusiasm to burn. They know how to put the FUN into FUNdraising. My congratulations! It would be impossible to list all that you have done so just know that I stand in awe and thanks. Also needing huge thanks are, Annie- "Queen of the Kitchen" O'Connor, Gail Berwick, Suzie Trudgett, Patreice Grant, Tracey Bennett, The Bunts, Julie "show me the money" Richardson and I think her really charming Dad, Reggie Rice, Marie Winmill, Tania Schofield, Lynne Duffy, Narelle Brabrook, The Dyballs, Katie Bennett's pop (so cute!), Bill & Judy O'Shea, Donna Owens, Fairy Floss Queen Julie McDonald, Sonya O'Connor, Jade Clark, The Hannafords, Tracey & Danika Burns, my dad Deso (sorry Arch broke your glasses!), Matt Ferrari, all of our stall holders, Ivans Jumping castles & face painting design, all of our fabulous stallholders, Pooka the Clown and of course all our gorgeous dancers who worked themselves silly (and had loads of fun!) Thanks to the girls and ladies who modelled too. (whoo hoo!!) Also, any mums, mum in laws who cooked for us....we thank you too. If I have forgotten anyone, I am so sorry and I blame sun stroke....

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