Friday, April 11, 2008


Here is Leesa with Norman, our hair and make up guy!! She was just stunning (read my account of day!!) Now, remember, these are my photos and we will post the professional ones when we get them because they will be breathtaking. I was shaking so much when Leesa gave me my present ( yeah I know- why would I get a gift but that is just the kind of girl she is!! OK, imagine getting a little Tiffany & Co giftbag, with a Tiffany & Co giftbox inside and a big white ribbon.......OF COURSE I SAID YES!! I will marry you Leesa....hahahah inside was a necklace that I have been coveting for years!!) So, I did my little happy dance and then yeah got too excited to take the photos that everyone wants, like with special detail about dress etc. The professional photos will cover that but mine just I think capture the joy and the friendship of the day!!

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