Thursday, November 1, 2007


Hi Everyone,
What a hectic time it has been?? Whoah! Gail gave me some great advice and said just cross each thing off the list as it comes and surprisingly, I am feeling a lot less overwhelmed by the magnitude of Term 4. I am watching "So You Think You Can Dance" and absolutely loving it!! I have just finished watching a piece by choreographer Mandy Moore (interesting fact, Miss Leesa and I have done several of her classes. Gorgeous choreography!!) It is so inspiring to see dancers of this calibre on our screens and I can't wait for the Australian version......IN fact, there is so much to look forward to......1st on the list is the LAUNCH NIGHT-it is going to be great!! Miss Leesa is having her engagement party this term. ( and guess what?? I am one of her bridesmaids.......what an honour??!! I almost can't believe it?? I am so proud to be a special part of her special day!! We have worked together for ten years and she is one of the people who make my world all the more incredible. I just know she is going to be a "ahhhh it hurts, she is so gorgeous" bride because she is so beautiful in every way!!) Onny is counting down the days until her Orientation for school. My little Onny, my little diva will be one of the school brigade. THEN WE HAVE CONCERT SEASON. Miss Leesa, Miss Emma, Miss Brittany & Miss Jacinta are really pumped. It will be like an absolute whirl but Concerts always seal the deal for us and make us realise just how lucky we are to be doing what we do. THEN ITS CHRISTMAS!! I don't know about you guys but I just love Christmas. Cale, Arch and I have been waltzing down the aisles checking out all the Christmas decorations- we are so excited!! Just remember tis the season to be jolly Fa La la La la la la la

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