Wednesday, November 21, 2007


The lead up to Concert is notoriously crazy. There are the moments of despair, the moments of inspiration and the miraculous moment when it all slowly seems to start taking shape. I am very happy to report that we are entering Phase 3, the much anticipated "a-ha- our vision is ALMOST complete..........". As dance teachers with artistic temprements, phase 1, that phase commonly known as "despair" is perhaps not our finest moment but certainly in retrospect, some of our funniest. We really do love it, the adrenalin surge as the concert looms and then the madness of rehearsals. We love seeing you all dressed up and we love watching you perform (even if it is always in the wings...............) There is something so magical about Concerts. We are starting to get very excited. It is a hard feeling to explain but I know Miss Leesa knows what I mean. Good Luck to all of our students in these important weeks leading to Concert. (we want to encourage you to do your very best so that means the occasional "NOOOOOOOOOO AGAIN!!!" or "SMILE!!") Good Luck to the parents too- we know it is a hectic time but it really is worth it. Stay tuned for more exciting concert developments.

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