Wednesday, November 21, 2007

HAIR & MAKE UP- ahhhh embrace the GLAM FACTOR

Hair & Make up notes out soon. STEPPING OUT ON TOUR Dubbo are holding a HOW TO workshop in our Dubbo Studio on Sunday, 2nd December. Cost is just $5 per participant and is aimed at new mums who may be slightly overwhelmed by the thought of applying liquid eyeliner or curlers or any of the other weird and wonderful requests on our notes!! Hair & make up is so important and especially with professional lighting, it is an absolute must!! Once you get the hang off it, it is a cinch!! I am from the school of thought, that "MORE IS MORE" so if in doubt apply MORE!! Yes, your child may look like a mini drag queen off stage but on stage, the effect will be GORGEOUS!! Plus, every little girl deserves to feel like a princess. I love it all. Usually the hardest thing is getting your little performer to sit still. And yes, false eyelashes can be painless and simple too. (the beauty of false eyelashes is that you don't need as much eye make up ) It really is just practise!! Our dance shop will be able to supply hair pieces- why put in rollers when you can clip on bountiful, beautiful, bouncy curls....see gail if you would like to order. (we have hair swatches to match your hair colour!!)Anyway, don't stress about it, it is all FUN!! Your dancer will look fantastic but more importantly FEEL FABULOUS!!

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