Sunday, April 3, 2011

Faster Than the Speed of Light or Open Jazz's Turn Sequence

I, oh lover of words, cannot believe that it has been so long since my last post. No excuses........ok, so I, do have a few. Sure, so I haven't been strolling across a road in Double Bay, ala Jackie O and bottlefeeding my baby, but I have been very busy MOTHERING and by mothering I mean not just my own but the studio too. FLAT CHAT it has been. But back to Jackie O, is this really debate worthy, as a devoted mum myself and fervent multi tasker ( typing this post, washing up, entertaining the boys with a rousing rendition of "this old man", feeding Evie, mastering finger knitting, facebooking and of course online shopping) I realise that in this day and age, we, especially us Mums, have alot to juggle. The times they are a changing and I think instead of villifying working Mums, we should be saluting them. Seems something is very amiss that headlines can be brandishing outrage over a radio announcer's need to feed her baby en route rather than the thousands upon thousands of children who don't get fed at all or live with abuse and neglect.
So to all the tired, multi tasking, harrassed mums I see doing the drop off to dance each day and managing it all with a smile, at times,a tad weary smile but one nonetheless, thank you. I promise I shall add more posts to my ever growing list of daily (mmm I won't use the word "Chores" I'll say agenda.)
* Vincent is in at the studio today choreographing a masterpiece with the Seniors. I can't wait to check in on them very soon.
* Miss Leesa has some big news ( not of a baby kind)
* Gulgong Eisteddfod kicks off Tuesday, 26th April. Group Day 1st May.
* Soloists are all working very hard in finishing off routines for their first Eisteddfods.
* Newsletter OUT this week and loads more posts. I have missed you all.
See what the newspapers have to say about dance teacher crossing the street, baby strapped to her, other four trailing mother duck style and blogging as she dances into the studio.

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