Saturday, December 12, 2009

WOW- We are still pinching ourselves

I have just had the post mortem phone call with Miss Emma ( she taught in Forbes all day today) and we are both so over the moon with the incredible performance given by all of our students last night. CONGRATULATIONS! We can't wait for the DVD but our back stage glimpse was absolutely stunning. Behind the curtains was very chaotic- I can not believe the costume changes kids made in record time to get onto stage. Special mention must go to Holly Keizer and my apologies- the music started and she had literally 30 seconds to change a tutu. I in my nerves gave the cue to start music and then realised that Holly had a change. She is such a little professional- she was so poised and calm and just waited for her opportunity in the wings and then ran into place without missing a beat. BUT THEN IT MUST BE GENETIC-Darienne (mum of Holly) deserves a medal for the costume changes she made not only for her 3 daughters but for all others backstage with quick changes. Thankyou so much and she is always so cool, calm and helpful. Jade "ROCK ON" Bunt also had a very quick change and she is fortunate that her mum Narelle is also an absolute wizard and runs the backstage costume changes like clockwork. Jade basically managed the impossible in her change..............I heard she had a team swoop down, lift her from ground and like magic transform her. Thankyou also to Narelle who was a tremendous help and calming influence back stage.
Thanks to Sonya for changing my girls Immy & Onny with lightning speed and me hovering beside like a maniac as I watched groups performed. Other backstage performers of note were Glenys Weldon, our gorgeous Miss Leesa & Miss Emma and of course all of the MUMS. Thankyou to Karen McGuire who was a huge help with organisation as well.
It would be hilarious to film a documentary on what goes on behind the scenes. VERY FUNNY and lucky we all have a sense of humour and realise that its all about the kids and of course, OUR VISION. (ahahahahah)
I loved our compere this year, Mr Zac Beavon Collin- he did an incredible job and really brought to life our Musical Tributes.
To our audience, wow, what a warm and receptive group you were. Thankyou for your applause- it means so much to the kids to feel the love and energy within the room.
I can't pick out a favourite routine- I loved it all. Alot of the kids said to me today they wanted to wake up today and do it all over again.....I said yes, as long as I could sit in the audience this time. I don't think my nerves could cope. SIGH- OH WHAT A NIGHT!!

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