Friday, December 4, 2009


ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this time next week the curtain closes on our 2009 Dancing year! I have many mixed emotions. Concert coincides with Christmas and so is easily my most favourite time of year but I am both terrified and elated. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited but still in crazed Concert mode. Special thanks to my long suffering husband and family for dealing with my pre concert mood swings. I am sure we can all agree, tis truly the silly season in more ways than one. Don't forget stage craft rehearsals and costume collection this Sunday! Is that the faint whirr of a sewing machine I can hear?? No doubt it is, Sonya is madly sewing into the night to ensure we are all our glittering best very soon. I am mid slide show- my computer has decided to be a little tempremental...............grrrrrr, just to ensure I am kept on my toes or as it seems, teetering dangerously closer to the edge. Miss Emma, Leesa and i can't wait to see you on stage soon. I am juggling Concert and ever growing Santa lists.
We also said farewell to 55 Wheelers Lane last week. One door closes, another one opens and we look forward to sharing our new premises with you in 2010. It also means inevitably that we must farewell students who are moving on for their studies and other challenges. We are therefore reminded of the honour that comes with accompanying these wonderful young people, some for their entire childhood and hope that they will continue to dance through their lives, discover their own beat and in light of this year's concert, ROCK ON.
I still have so much packing to do but have been heartened that the workmen next door have been intrigued and bopping along to our musical selections. Yes, AC DC & Andrew Lloyd Webber!!We are nothing but original.
To all those first time mums, battling with curls, my best wishes. It is all part of the fun and you are contributing to wonderful childhood memories. See you on Sunday! I can't wait- oh but the housework can!!

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