Saturday, November 14, 2009


Whoah what an amazing first day of ticket sales! In two hours Stepping Out sold out over half the theatre! We currently have seats available from Row M! Tickets are selling fast so if you require a large group booking we advise you get in ASAP.
I hear reports that the queue started at 5.30am and I have to say if you got up that early and waited in that heat, you SO deserve to be in the first few rows! I also must comment on the great mood that was at Stepping Out today! Thankyou all for being such a great bunch of people and so patient and so ready to greet us with a smile!
Loved seeing people waiting in style with chairs, mags, refreshments. All the kids will feel like absolute superstars knowing that there was a rush for tickets and they are in demand! Fantastic to also be asked by so many people later "what has going on at the studio today- there were so many people??"
We will all certainly be working hard in class to ensure that this is our best concert ever!
NOTES WILL BE GOING OUT IN COMING WEEKS WITH ALL THE NEWS! Keep checking back- the blog always is the first to know and yes there is more big news for Stepping Out.

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