Sunday, June 15, 2008


I just wanted to say on behalf of Stepping Out Dance Factory a huge thankyou to our students, their families, our fellow competitors and the Eisteddfod for a fantastic week of competition. I have lots and lots of beautiful photos of our performers ( i try really hard to capture you all you know!!) and the behind the scenes fun. I will do a full report and post all the photos when I recuperate. It has been a huge week for us and our dancers. I look forward to cleaning my house, doing loads of laundry and spending some time with my little men, Cale and Archer ( who have been very generous lending out their Mum.) As soon as I can, I will spend some time updating all of our wonderful Eisteddfod news. Just know this, once again, you ALL made us very proud and we know that each step you took on that stage has taken you a little further in life. WELL DONE!! Thanks Mums for all your effort too. STAY ON THE ALERT FOR FULL NEWS REPORT AND LOTS OF PICS!! Congratulations!

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