Monday, June 9, 2008

Good Luck everyone

I know, I know.......neglected again but honestly the last few weeks have just been such a whirlwind. Good news is, My new computer should be here anyday ( so Immy gets hers back!!) and I went and got a new camera so I wouldn't miss one gorgeous moment of the Eisteddfod or rehearsals. I am a big believer in the saying that the journey is more important than the destination and this theory has been well tested in the last few weeks. Yesterday, we were just so blown away by our kids at our Disney and stage rehearsal. We couldn't be have all come so far. Congratulations!! We are looking very forward to seeing those efforts shine on stage.
TO OUR SOLOISTS, our absolute love and our hearts will dance alongside yours this week. In fact, I feel like my heart might just about explode. To those making their solo debut, today is just so special and we hope you savour every moment of the spotlight. Hard work is done, just go out there and ENJOY! We love you all.....wishing you magic.
Today I am a teacher and a Mum........................ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so am feeling it but very excited. Forgive me everyone, I am feeling emotional. I will probably break down with the beauty of it all. If you see the tears rolling just know its because I am just so proud to be two little girl's mum, one little girls' aunty and lots of inspiring little people's teacher.
Have fun!! i should be able to update at some stage but this week will be a busy one so never fear, I am around and i will let you all know what has been happening.

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