Monday, October 8, 2007

ORANGE WORKSHOP- A Great Day had by all

Fantastic to see so many fabulous dance devotees at our Workshop yesterday. Miss Leesa, Miss Emma, Gail, B Boy Dave and yours truly had a wonderful day. I think one of my old war injuries flared up....but still great to spend a day doing what you love to do and that's dance. Miss Leesa met some gorgeous little super stars in the making with the Tiny Tots and Miss Emma and I had great fun with the Drama kids. I saw so much talent in all of the classes and we had a few adults really show the kids what it is all about ...(no names but she ensures all the dancers in Orange look fab!!!!You go girl!) Anyway, there were quite a few kids who I would have gladly stowed away in my car to bring back to Dubbo. Thankyou everyone for joining in with us to celebrate Dance! Let's do it again sometime.

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