Monday, October 8, 2007


Sadly the Australian public voted and it is with much sadness that I farewell Jacob from Australian Idol. I do have to say however that he exited the show like a true performer should. He exhibited dignity and class and as sad as I was to see him go it was a beautiful television moment. I was disappointed to see the apathetic Marty still sitting sheepishly on the couch. I hope none of our students ever give up or see something as too hard, out of their comfort zone or too much of a challenge. Parents of young girls with mobile phones who think lethargic surf dudes are cool please confiscate their phones before judging next week. I can't sit through another week of Marty mournfully bleating out a tune. Jacob has now left the building........I hope he turns up on our screens, on my ipod and in our music stores very soon.

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