Thursday, November 15, 2012

Performance Students- Wednesday Classes

PERFORMANCE STUDENTS- COSTUME MEMO Performance Students will be involved in the following routines ( costuming as per Eisteddfod.) • 8 years Genies • 10 years Funky Monkey • 12 years Supermodels • 14 years Everybody Dance Now • Senior Jazz Run the World and Garden of Eden In conjunction with the above routines, ALL Performance students will be involved in our OPENING ROUTINE. You are asked to co-ordinate a bright, colourful costume yourselves that fits in with the following scenarios. • 8 years/ 10 years – Holiday, tropical look. We suggest any variety of the following grass skirts, two pieces, floaties, snorkel gear, sunglasses, loud Hawaiian shirts, denim cut offs, bright kaftans, hats, etc. • 12yrs/ 14 years- Plane passengers from all walks of life. Business people, different occupations, school kids etc. Though this is civilian wear we need for stage for it to be very bright and well accessorised. Think wigs, accessories and lots of colour. • Seniors- corporate wear, occupation clothes. Bathrobes, pjs etc worn over top. Again, this needs to be a really Over the Top look to enhance the musical theatre feel. • JUNIOR MODERN STUDENTS- Finale “I STILL CALL AUSTRALIA HOME”. Students will need to wear their Pirate Costume from the Contemporary this year. • PLEASE BRING COSTUMES INTO CLASS BEFORE DRESS REHEARSAL FOR OPENING SO WE CAN APPROVE THEM. Thanks

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