Thursday, November 15, 2012


DRESS REHEARSAL & CONCERT DAY ORGANISATION DRESS REHEARSALS- FRIDAY, 30th November • Entry to Dress Rehearsals is via Carrington Ave entrance. Students are to be taken to back glass door ( stage door.) Please ensure that you are dressed and ready to commence rehearsals at your nominated time. This will be a full dress rehearsal in running order. • Students are to have their names marked off on their class roll as a sign in for rehearsal. Performers and Parents are NOT permitted in the foyer area of the Theatre. REHEARSALS ARE CLOSED. ( Parents, friends etc are NOT permitted backstage, stage area or within the theatre auditorium.) Parents may wait in dressing room areas to assist with costume changes. Parents of young performers are welcome to stay in the Dressing Rooms Area. Students are fully supervised in theatre. • Students are to wait to be called for each rehearsal. They will be dismissed from stage or auditorium at close of their rehearsal. • Students with changes for rehearsals are asked to be prompt. This is a good rehearsal for the actual day as there are a few quick changes needed. • No food or drink in the theatre auditorium during rehearsals. Young students should not be eating and drinking while in costume. Please ensure that all students have a water bottle that is labelled with their name. • Dressing Rooms are to be left tidy. • Students must sign out before leaving the premises. CONCERT DAY 11am Show & 5pm show • An Order of Appearance is on the reverse side. Please be aware that parents are required to change students if they are involved in more than one routine or make own arrangements to have another parent dress and change your child. • Students appearing in the first half are asked to be at the venue by 10.15am (11am show) & 4.15pm (5pm show)fully dressed, with hair & make up done for first routine. Please enter through back stage entrance ( Carrington Ave), locate your name ( in class rolls- as per order of appearance) and mark your name off. • Students appearing in the second half only are asked to be at the venue by 11.45am (11am show ) & 6.00pm (5pm show)and follow same instructions as set out above. If students are watching the concert they need to report backstage for 2nd half ( if that is when their item is) at the times given. • Parents leaving auditorium to dress performers throughout performance will be granted Back of House access through a door located near Door 1. ( foyer area past toilets) We ask that you exit the auditorium from Door 2 and 3 only to gain access to this door to back stage. Exiting from these doors will ensure minimum disruption to performers and patrons. Please acquaint yourself with this door before the performance commences. Likewise, students will need to follow same procedure if leaving auditorium to go backstage for a performance or change of costume. • No one is allowed to sit in the aisles or on the steps under any circumstances (OH & S). • Mobile phones must be turned off during the performances. • Students who have tickets to watch are permitted to leave backstage area after they have performed. All students must sign out on class roll and Students under 12 years of age must be collected from backstage area /dressing rooms by a parent or guardian. • ALL students will be reappearing in the Finale’ but it is at discretion of parents for young students if they stay for 11am show or if they return home for a rest. Students will be notified via a voice over when it is time to return backstage for FINALE’. The 2012 Presentation will follow the 5pm Performance. • Refreshments will be served in the bar area. • Classes for 2012 will cease on Sunday, 2nd December. Future Stars Saturday class will cease on Saturday, Dec 8th ( Due to Term 3 being shortened while Miss Rikki was overseas.) We thank you for the tremendous support and enthusiasm shown by all students and their families throughout 2012 and we look forward to celebrating this in our production, “DESTINATION DANCE- AROUND THE WORLD.” 2013 Enrolment Information will be sent out in January and our 2013 Enrolment Day will be held on Friday, January 25th 4-7pm at our studio Unit 7/74 Mountbatten Drive. Private Tuition for Eisteddfods will commence in early January 2012- Please register your interest with Miss Rikki on 041 336 1724. • GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU SHINE! 2012 PROGRAM 1. Nine to Five/Holiday/Destination Unknown-2012 PERFORMANCE TEAMS 2. Mickey Mouse Club/It’s A Small World- SATURDAY FUTURE STARS JAZZ/BALLET 3. The Bronx SENIOR HIP HOP 4. Empire State of Mind INTERMEDIATE CONTEMPORARY 5. Mexico 6 YRS JAZZ 6 Vegas SENIOR JAZZ 7. Varsity Team JUNIOR HIP HOP 8. Skaters in the Snow LEVEL 3 BALLET 9. Penguins INTERMEDIATE TAP 10. Little Swans PRIMARY BALLET 11. Africa 12 YRS JAZZ 12. Funky Monkey 10 YRS PERFORMANCE 13. Garden of Eden/One Beautiful Evening SENIOR MODERN PERFORMANCE 14. Genie 8 YRS JAZZ PERFORMANCE 15. Everybody Dance Now 14 YRS JAZZ PERFORMANCE 16. Blame it on the Boogie JUNIOR USA TEAM 17. Can you Feel It? SENIOR USA TEAM INTERVAL 18. Turbulence SENIOR HIP HOP 19. Around the World 8 YRS JAZZ 20. From Paris to Berlin 14 YRS JAZZ 21. Can Can MONDAY FUTURE STARS 22. Supermodel 12 YRS JAZZ PERFORMANCE 23. La Vie En Rose SENIOR BALLET 24. China LEVEL 5 BALLET 25. Run The World SENIOR JAZZ PERFORMANCE 26. Heal The World JUNIOR CONTEMPORARY 27. Ireland JUNIOR TAP 28. She Moved Through The Fair PARIS BURNS 29. Spanish Bullfighters SENIOR TAP 30. Let’s Get Loud 10 YRS JAZZ 31. Spanish SENIOR POINTE 32. Leaving On A Jet Plane BREE GRANT/ SENIOR MODERN 33. FINALE’ Junior Modern Performance + Entire Cast PRESENTATION OF AWARDS WILL BE AT CLOSE OF 5 PM SHOW

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