Friday, January 20, 2012


We have had the most amazing Enrolment Days in all three of our areas this year. Forbes was HUGE! Orange was Huge! AND Dubbo was HUGE! To say that Miss Leesa, Emma & I are excited is the very least. We are ( see pic above)!! Yes, toyota leaping all over the place.
A big WELCOME BACK to existing students and a big WELCOME to all the fabulous people who have danced through our doors in the last three big days of Enrolment ( special thanks to our Admin, Amazeballs Gail for slaving over the paperwork in a 3 day marathon.)
We can't wait to show you how special our dance studio is! The people within our studios really contribute to the magic and it was so lovely to meet you or hear about your holiday adventures. Thank you for trusting us with their hearts,minds and bodies.
Let's get ready to DANCE!
And if you missed Enrolment Day, do not fear, we will still have a place for you. I got lots of panicked phone calls and messages today. It's ok, down from the ledge, people, we have a place for you too. Classes start back Monday, Feb 6th! Timetable and enrolment forms are on website. Fill out your form and come along to your first class during this week with a big smile and all will be forgiven.
Miss Rikki can be called on 041 336 1724 or you can email or post your details back. Private Lessons are filling fast so please make sure you book a time ASAP.

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