Monday, December 6, 2010


BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL STUDENTS ON THEIR TWO BIG PERFORMANCES!! We are elated and so proud of your outstanding performances and those big smiles. I am sure everyone is exhausted but what fun we had!! I am typing with Evie in one arm so forgive any typos but I think all my kids are very happy to have me on full time Mum duties so are taking huge advantage of my undivided attention. Mind you, living and breathing the Concert in the last little while means I have alot of housework to catch up on. AND THEN THERE IS THE FLOODING! - and they say no man is an island! mmmmmmmm well finally I have those water views I have yearned for! Now, I just have to pray that we can all get through for Orange & Forbes dress rehearsals and Concerts! Good Luck Miss Leesa & Miss Emma in the lead up.
Big thanks to everyone involved in our 2010 Concert! The back stage efforts were incredible and our gratitude to all the parents and helpers who made it as easy as possible. Thankyou

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