Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Unfortunately, I had to return to Dubbo to teach but was incredibly excited to hear the familiar beep beep of my phone for remainder of week heralding the following results. Apologies if I miss any as these are the ones my feeble mind are able to recall.
1st- 13/14 yrs Jazz- Melissa McDonald, 1st- 13/14 yrs Restricted Modern- Brandi McGuire, 2nd- 13/14 yrs Restricted Contemporary- Courtney Hart, 1st- 13/14 yrs Open Ballet- Paris Burns, H.C- Courtney Hart, 2nd- Open 13/14 yrs Tap- Brandi McGuire, 2nd- Restricted 11/12yrs Contemporary- Amber Bunt, 3rd Open 11/12 yrs Jazz- Amber Bunt, 1st Modern Expressive Impro- Amber Bunt, H.C - Open Jazz 13/14 yrs- Courtney Hart, 1st- 13/14 yrs Modern Expressive Impro- Brandi McGuire, H.C Entertainment- Brandi McGuire, 1st- 13/14 yrs Modern Expressive Open- Paris Burns, 1st- 11/12 yrs Modern Expressive- Amber Bunt, 1st- 13/14 yrs Open Contemporary Solo Paris Burns, 2nd- Courtney Hart, 3rd 11/12 yrs Jazz Impro- Amber Bunt, 1st 11/12 yrs Demi Impro- Amber Bunt, 3rd- Open age Modern- Paris Burns, Open Age Contemporary- 3rd Paris Burns, 1st- 13/14 years Contemporary Demi Paris Burns, 2nd- Courtney Hart, 1st 13/14 yrs Demi Impro- Courtney Hart. We were absolutely thrilled to discover that Amber Bunt was recipient for Most Promising 11/12 yrs Dancer trophy & that Brandi McGuire was recipient for 13/14 yrs Most Promising Dancer trophy. ( this means Stepping Out kids was awarded this age trophy for all age divisions bar 10 yrs- mighty effort!!!)High point scores were enjoyed by all. Paris Burns did her first ever Ballet Championship and won 1st place with 97 points in each routine in an Open Age Division! WOW! Paris was also awarded the Most Promising Classical Ballet Dancer Trophy. Courtney Hart was beautiful and recived a Highly Commended. Amber did her first Jazz Championship and received 2nd- woo hoo! Other noteworthy Championship dancers were Brandi McGuire and Courtney Hart!
Now that you have read all of this, I am sure you know why I have been too exhausted to update blog, Pride & Joy are very tiring emotions! GO STEPPING OUT!!

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