Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Big congrats to little Laura Keizer on her solo stage debut! Laura lit up the stage and we were all so proud of her! Brinley Catto was the delighted recipient of the 6 years "Most Promising Dancer" trophy and won her Classical and Modern Solos in her age section. Holly Keizer received 3rd in her first ever Tap solo, 2nd in her Open Classical Solo, 1st in her Modern Expressive Solo and 3rd in her Jazz Solo. Holly was also the recipient of the "Most Promising Dancer" in the 8 yrs age division which was very exciting. Holly & Ondine Slack-Smith then teamed up for two duos, dancing brilliantly and winning both their Jazz & Classical routines. Onny was also 1st in her Open Classical Solo and 2nd in her Jazz Solo ( my little Wonder Woman.) Congratulations to Meg Keizer for 1st in her Demi Character, H.C in her Classical, 2nd in her Tap solo, 3rd in her Jazz solo and a gorgeous performance in her Modern. Stunning performances and a very noteworthy improvement was evident in Georgia Erskine's three incredible performances in Jazz, Modern & Classical. Cleo Ferrari was amazing, receiving 3rd for her Jazz solo and making an impression with her beautiful Modern solo. Sophia Dickerson rocked the house, winning the 10 yrs Jazz solo and dancing beautifully in her Modern. Jade Bunt was incredible gaining 3rd in her Classical, H.C in her Demi and stunning performances in Open Jazz and Modern. Emma Blake was also a superstar in her first Open Jazz division and beautiful in her Modern, winning a 3rd place. Gorgeous performances by Imogen Slack-Smith with a lovely Modern Solo and a 1st place in her Jazz solo. Big congrats also to Amelia Rice who danced amazingly in both her solos. Kacey Crisante was another Stepping Out wonder gaining 2nd in her Jazz solo. Well done Girls- I was fortunate to be in the audience for most of these performances and I was gobsmacked. Miss Emma and I were so proud.

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