Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DANCING THROUGH THE TERM- Where does the time go?

Well, I am surrounded by the madness of the morning as we all bustle about to get out the door but had to take a moment to have a deep breath and pause and think about the wonderful few weeks we have had at our Dubbo studio. I will be posting lots of news today because so much has happened, is happening and will happen. So much so, this is the first time since classes started I have had the opportunity to draw breath and fill you all in. I have also emerged from the haze of sore limbs and exhaustion to announce, I think my dancing MOJO is back. I know all of our students are now well into the swing of it and back at their peak and dancing beyond our wildest expectations. Well Done everyone, We are super impressed!! Thankyou to everyone who is inspiring us in our classes and to all the happy faces who parade through our doors each week. We love what we do. Lots of news and pics today so stay posted. Off to get the kids to school and swimming!

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