Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hey Everyone,
Hope you are all having a super holiday and recharging for our fabulous Term 4 of Concert Production! Thankyou to everyone for your organisation thus far! Great to see so many of you at Costume Measurements and paying your deposits! This will ensure that you are all looking gorgeous for Dress Rehearsals, Photography and of course, THE BIG DAY! Most routines are well under way ( hope you are practising in holidays!!) and Miss Emma and I are feeling super INSPIRED! I know we say this every year but I really feel like its going to be the best one yet (fingers crossed!) Sonya is churning through costume designs and is off on her buying trip next week.
There are some great movies out for all dance enthusiasts! FAME & MAO's LAST DANCER! I am looking forward to seeing them both. Li Cunxin's story is an especially powerful one. My kids have the picture book "The Peasant Prince" and it has many important messages about the power of believing in yourself (plus incredible illustrations!)
"I tied some paper wishes to my kite and my father helped me fly it up into the sky. The kite soared like a bird and my hope and wishes went with it."
Immy celebrated her 11th birthday on Tuesday! Happy Birthday Immy!

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