Sunday, April 5, 2009


I can't believe I am writing on the eve of our last week of term! It's nearly Week 11 so that means we have had ten big, fantastic weeks of dancing! Classes will finish on Saturday, 11th April for a 2 week break! We will be having private tuition and possibly some Performance rehearsals in holidays! You will be notified. Eisteddfod season is just around the bend. All classes for Term 1 will conclude on Wednesday, 8th April at our Dubbo studio. Thankyou to everyone for a fantastic term of dancing! It has flown by in a rush of good times and heaps of new friendly faces! Dubbo studio is enjoying record enrolments and we are just loving the energy and spirit that is thriving at the studio! Its been a wonderful term but we are all looking forward to the break! Miss Emma is spending a week in Sydney at the ADAP worskhop( so she will come back even more innovative and sensational!) Miss Leesa is launching her Dance Fitness DVDS and very possibly her first born....mmmm yes, I know, how many of us can say that within a two week period we launch our assault on the home fitness market whilst also giving birth!! ( I had thought I was so good because my waters broke at the studio during an Intermediate Ballet Class but I think Leesa has pipped me at the post!Let's see if she can also squeeze in a night at RPA too!!)STAY TUNED PEOPLE! The blog will be hot on the announcement! Its literally weeks away and we can't wait!!! Keep checking back in on us- lots is happening and I will actually have time, I hope, to update more regularly in the hols! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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