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DRESS REHEARSALS- Friday 11th December- STUDENTS IN THE FIRST HALF OF THE SHOW NEED TO BE AT THE THEATRE BY 3.45 dressed in costume and ready to perform.  All students in the first half will be dismissed at 6pm.  Students will wait in theatre auditorium unless they have costume changes where they will be permitted to access dressing rooms.  For the first time this year, our Angelina students and Little Stars ( preschool jazz & tap) will feature in their own FINALE” which will conclude the first exciting half of our performance.
Students appearing in the second half of the show will need to be at the theatre, fully dressed and ready to go at 6pm.  Students appearing in the second half will be dismissed from theatre at 8.30pm.  They will be sat in theatre auditorium whilst they are waiting but if they have costume changes they will be permitted to access dressing rooms.
Thank you to all the generous people who have volunteered to assist us on Concert Days.  We will need our volunteers to be inducted by Theatre Staff at 12.30pm Saturday, 12th December.  This will give only those who are our volunteers and assisting in supervision and organisation access to back of house areas of the theatre. 
·       Entry to Dress Rehearsals is via Carrington Ave entrance.  Students are to be taken to back glass door ( stage door.)  Please ensure that you are dressed and ready to commence rehearsals at your nominated time.  This will be a full dress rehearsal in running order.
·      Students are to have their names marked off on their class roll as a sign in for rehearsal.  Performers and Parents are NOT permitted in the foyer area of the Theatre.  REHEARSALS ARE CLOSED.  ( Parents, friends etc are NOT permitted backstage, stage area or within the theatre auditorium.) Parents may wait in dressing room areas to assist with costume changes.  Parents of young performers are welcome to stay in the Dressing Rooms Area.  Students are fully supervised in theatre.
·      Students are to wait to be called for each rehearsal. They will be dismissed from stage or auditorium at close of their rehearsal. 
·      Students with changes for rehearsals are asked to be prompt.  This is a good rehearsal for the actual day as there are a few quick changes needed.  Please set up side stage for the very quick changes.
·      No food or drink in the theatre auditorium during rehearsals.  Young students should not be eating and drinking while in costume.  Please ensure that all students have a water bottle that is labelled with their name.
·      Dressing Rooms are to be left tidy.
·      Students must sign out before leaving the premises. 
3.45pm arrival  FIRST HALF OF SHOW

1.     OPENING- All Performance Students featuring Bella Gibson ( vocalist)
Ballet Greats, Beautiful Butterflies & Sleeping Beauties
2.     Primary Ballet- Coppelia featuring Onny Slack-Smith
3.     Friday Angelina’s – Butterflies with Rhiannon Griffith & Immy Slack-Smith
4.     Grade 3- Waltz of the Flowers
5.     Maddie Gibson- Sleeping Beauty
6.     Grade 2- Lullaby
7.     Amber Bunt- Turning Pages
8.     Intermediate- Giselle
A Swan’s Song- Finding Our Wings
9.     Angelina Tuesday- Ducks with Sabine O’Connor
10.   Grade 1 – Swans
11.   Intermediate Contemporary- Black Swans
Nutcracker Sweets- Tutu Cute
12.   Pre- Primary- Candy Canes with Immy
13.   Saturday Angelina’s – Nutcracker Suite with Molly, Onny, Immy
14.   Thursday Angelina’s- Mice with Amber Bunt
15.   Saturday Angelina’s- Kittens with Immy, Onny, Molly
16.   Saturday Angelina’s- Bluebirds with Molly, Onny
17.   Chandelier- Intermediate Performance
Waltzing through the Years- Lessons in Life, Love & Boogie
18.   Junior Modern- When You taught me how to dance?
19.   Intermediate Foundation- Masquerade Ball
20.   Tiny Tots Jazz- ABC with Immy & Cale
21.   Tiny Tots Finale
The above students can be collected from Carrington Ave, stage door entrance at 6pm.

6.15pm arrival SECOND HALF OF SHOW
Rock Around the Clock & Bootscooting Babies
1.     Hairspray- Junior Performance
2.     Junior Jazz Monday- Cowgirls
3.     Junior Jazz Thursday- Rock and Rollers
4.     Senior Jazz- 50’s Roller Girls
5.     Intermediate Tap- Bang Bang
6.     Junior Tap- Dancing in the Streets

Golden Moments of Hollywood & Happily Ever Afters
7.     Rhiannon Griffith – Scholarship Winner 2014
8.     Tiny Tappers- Singing in the Rain with Bella Gibson
9.     Senior Tap- Strictly Ballroom Jive
10.   Intermediate Hip Hop- Ease On Down the Road
11.   Senior Modern- Old Hollywood
12.   10 years Jazz – Will You Marry me?
Disco Dynamos, Icons & Farewells
13.   14 years Jazz- Disco
14.   Junior Hip Hop- Taking it to the Streets
15.   Senior Hip Hop- 90s Hip Hop
16.   12 years Jazz- Katy Perry
17.   Boys Class- Dancing Machines
18.   Let’s Get Physical –Senior Performance
19.   Hannah Barker/ Dancing Queen vocals
20.   Slideshow of our 2015 Dancing Year
21.   Farewell Dance- Amber/ Beanie Fifteen years with Stepping Out into FINALE
Second half performers can be collected from the Stage Door Carrington Ave at 8.30pm .
Junior Jazz, Tiny Tappers and Junior Tap can be collected at 7.30pm or are welcome to stay and rehearse the FINALE.

Notes for Concert Day Organisation will be given out during class in Week 10.
Stay Calm and Sparkle!

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