Friday, November 20, 2015

STAGE REHEARSALS - Sunday, 6th Dec at Dubbo Regional Theatre

The countdown continues.  Now it’s time to get really excited because after all of our hard work in class we are now about to step on to stage for our very first stage rehearsal.  Our stage rehearsals will be held on Sunday, 6th December at Dubbo Regional Theatre, Darling St.  The students are asked to please enter through the backstage entrance at Carrington Ave and mark your child’s name off the roll.  This is a closed rehearsal and only performers will be allowed entry beyond stage doors and area. A $10 per student or $20 per family rehearsal fee is required to be paid to cover the costs of the stage and dress rehearsals.  Please bring this on the day in an envelope
Stagecraft Rehearsals prepare the students for the correct manner to enter and exit the stage, the stage dimensions and other important features of Performance.  They are an important and exciting lead up to Dress Rehearsals and our Concert and are sure to combat all the nerves and ensure the performers are feeling prepared, confident and most importantly, very excited about their performance. Please pack a water bottle for your child and for those students with numerous rehearsals, adequate refreshments.  Students should come dressed in dancewear and the entire faculty will be present on the day to keep a watchful eye over our stars.  Please collect your child from the backstage entrance at the close of their rehearsal.  Times are as follows;
10.00-11.00am  Primary Ballet “Monday 3.45pm”, Friday morning Angelina’s, Grade 3, Madeline Gibson, Rhiannon Griffith
11.00 -12 pm  Grade 2, Intermediate Ballet, Angelina Tuesday class, Sabine O’Connor, Amber Bunt, Grade 1, Intermediate Contemporary
12.00- 1.00pm Pre-Primary Thursday, Saturday Angelina’s 10.15am, Thursday Angelina’s, Saturday Angelina’s 9.30am,
1.00-2.00pm Saturday Angelina’s 11am, 14 years Performance, Junior Modern Tuesday, Intermediate Foundation
2.00- 3.00pm Tiny Tots Jazz Monday 3.45pm, Junior Eisteddfod Performance ( 10yrs, 12 yrs ) , 6-8 years Jazz Monday, 6-8 yrs Jazz Thursday
3.00- 4.00pm Senior Jazz, Tiny Tappers Saturday, Senior Tap, Intermediate Hip Hop
4.00- 5.00pm Junior Tap Tuesday, Intermediate Tap, Senior Modern, 10 years Jazz, 14 years Jazz
5.00-6.00pm Junior Hip Hop, Senior Hip Hop, 12 years Jazz, Boys Class
6.00- 7.00pm Senior Performance, Opening ALL PERFORMANCE STUDENTS, Farewell Dance, FINALE’ , vocalists
A copy of this note will be posted on our blog under DUBBO NEWS and a link will be on our facebook page.  A reminder that tickets went on sale at DRTCC on Monday 16th November (  A Hair & Make Up Note will be sent home shortly ( all info will be available on the blog with a link from Facebook.)
In the coming weeks, we will also be sending home notes regarding our Dress Rehearsal on Friday, 11th Dec, an invite for anyone who may be interested in volunteering assistance in the countdown, Costume Balances and information regarding the organization of both Dress Rehearsal and Concert Day.
We understand it’s a lot of information and we thank all our studio families once again for the support and enthusiasm you are so kindly extending to us.

We hope you will enjoy the show as much as we have enjoyed producing it. 

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