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Please note that our website has a very comprehensive guide to Make Up & Hair.  Go to and hit link DUBBO NEWS to get full post and how to instructions on make up for stage.  It will be in November archive.  A link will also be posted on our Facebook page.  We will post how to videos.
MAKE-UP- Foundation, powder, blusher, white/cream eye shadow as base for eye, eye socket shaded with brown eye shadow ( violet eye shadow for students 8 years & under), black eye liner, white pencil as highlighter, black mascara, false eye lashes ( optional but highly recommended for students from 10 years of age), hot pink lipstick ( under 12s), crimson ( 14 yrs & open.)
TINY TOTS- Parents use your discretion.  Lipstick, blusher, shadow and mascara will be sufficient but ensure it is bright as the lights are very strong and can wash out those gorgeous little faces and we really want to see those beautiful smiles.
Students please ensure you wear white, nude colour or plain underwear under costuming and all straps etc must be pinned and unseen.  Body stockings are available for older students.
BOYS- Hair in own funky style.  Make up at own discretion and depending on child’s fairness.  Blusher or bronzer usually sufficient.
Please note that all hair styles will need to be slicked back from face.  The best technique is to use a fine tooth comb on damp hair and gel and hairspray to smooth hair and fringes off face.  Please ensure you use hair bands in matching hair shade or clear elastic bands.  Students with hair accessories please ensure that these are pinned firmly.  Hats, hair ties, hair pieces and wigs need to be pinned thoroughly.
SATURDAY ANGELINA 9.30 am “LADYBUGS” & , MONDAY 10.30am“BEES” Little buns on side of head.  ( if not enough hair just pulled back from face. ) They will have headband. It will need to be pinned. Ballet Shoes. FRIDAY “FLOWERS”- hair in one bun.  Ballet shoes.
SATURDAY ANGELINA 10.15am “UNDER THE SEA” Two high pigtails curled  Ballet shoes.
SATURDAY ANGELINA 11am “UNICORNS” ” Hair in two high buns on either side of head.  Ballet shoes
SATURDAY TINY TAPPERS “SNOWMEN” Hair in two buns. Tan tights. Tap shoes..
MONDAY LITTLE STARS “FIREWORKS” & TUESDAY TINY HIP HOP Hair in very high ponytail and curled and teased out.  Jazz shoes.
PRIMARY BALLET “FROZEN” Hair in two plaits and crossed over head and pinned.  Ballet stockings.  Ballet shoes.
GRADE 2 BALLET “SNOWFLAKES” Hair in Classical Bun.  Ballet stockings.  Ballet shoes.
GRADE 5 BALLET “SNUGGLEPOT & CUDDLEPIE” – Hair in Classical ballet bun.  Ballet stockings.  Ballet shoes.
SENIOR BALLET “MIDSUMMER’S NIGHTS DREAM”- Hair in Classical Ballet Bun.  Ballet stockings.  Ballet shoes.  Pointe shoes for pointe dance.
JUNIOR JAZZ “CLOWNS” Hair in two pigtails and curled.  Jazz shoes.
JUNIOR MODERN “MERMAIDS” Hair half up, half down.  Convertible ballet stockings.  Bare feet
SENIOR MODERN “MOTHER” Hair in low slicked ponytail Convertible tights.
JUNIOR HIP HOP “TOY SOLDIERS ”Hair in high ponytail and teased.  Please purchase black canvas lace ups.
INTERMEDIATE HIP HOPCHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY” Wearing wigs.  Please pin securely. White ankle socks.  Please purchase white canvas lace ups.
SENIOR HIP HOP “NIGHTMARES “Two pig tails teased out & shoes to be decided upon in class with Miss Emma
BOYS CLASS “PIRATES”Please purchase black canvas shoes ( slip on or lace up)
10 YRS JAZZ “ QUEEN OF HEARTS”- Hair in high ponytail and curled.  Matte tan tights.  Camel jazz shoes.
12 YRS JAZZ “FIREBALL” Hair in high ponytail and curled.  Matte tan tights.  Camel jazz shoes.
14 YRS JAZZ “ SPACE” Hair in high ponytail .  Matte tan tights.  Camel Jazz Shoes.
SENIOR JAZZ “ MANNEQUINS” all different hair styles.  Matte tan tights.  Camel jazz shoes.
JUNIOR TAP “ PENGUINS”  A high pony tail curled.  Matte tan tights.  Camel Tap shoes.
INTERMEDIATE TAP “MUSIC DOLLS”  Hair in two high pig tails and curled.  Matte tan tights.  Camel tap shoes.
SENIOR TAP “ ALICE IN WONDERLAND ”Individual character hair to be decided with Miss Brandi.  Matte tan tights.  Camel tap shoes.
JUNIOR PERFORMANCE BUGSY MALONE – Girls can have all different hair styles depending on the era.  Matte tan tights.    Camel Jazz Shoes.
Boys need to really slick their hair and black canvas shoes.
INTERMEDIATE PERFORMANCE “JETSET” Hair in slicked bun. Matte tan tights, camel jazz shoes
SENIOR JAZZ PERFORMANCE “PRISCILLA” Own hair styles ( wigs, hats, etc, very over the top) and own choice of shoes.
Students need to arrange their own unique all white ( can have bling- please do) outfit for opening.  Please accessorize it sufficiently to give it stage appeal and not just street wear.  Hair can be in own, very neat, hair style. 
PERFORMANCE ROUTINES MOVE, WALKING & FALLING & 12 Yrs CONTEMP as per Eisteddfod ( except 12 yrs Contemp can just have a bun due to quick changes)
We need a full dress rehearsal on Thursday, 11h December as this is when our final lighting scheme will be decided upon.  I understand that for a great deal of our families that there will be a rush from school and work and so we are very appreciative of your efforts.  ( Concerts are meant to be fun so please don’t stress.  We only ask that you do your best.) 

Thankyou- Your children will not only look a million dollars but more importantly feel a million dollars.  We can’t wait to see our students SHINE. DON’T FORGET STAGE REHEARSALS, SUNDAY, NOV 30th at DRTCC

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