Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's beginning to feel a lot like ...............................Concert

Concert Fever has descended.Miss Emma and I are in a slather of sweat and excitement as we count down to Stepping Out's BIGGEST DAY OF THE YEAR. As frantic and busy as it all is, we really do LOVE it and by the enthusiasm in class, the kids are LOVING it too.
I read an interesting post the other day on another BLOG about Ballet Recitals which mainly consisted of a barrage of angry protests from dance mums about the trials and tribulations of Dance Concert time. I do understand that it is a surreal world for many of you and you must wonder at the costs, the hair requirements, the make up and the creeping anxiety that you are plunging your child into some bizarre Toddlers & Tiaras world but I truly believe that it is also a MAGICAL time. The world needs more magic.
So, though yes, we are all living in an ever increasing demanding and busy world, opportunities such as dance concerts really do allow us to exhale, breathe in some wonder, blow some fairy dust and suspend our disbelief. This is the stuff kids dream of. I really appreciate the families at Stepping Out. We are yet to have any gripes in the lead up to Concert. You all seem so genuinely excited about your child's "moment." Thank you for supporting us in contributing to important childhood memories.
We really are looking foward to sharing in this magical time with you. They are all working so hard. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be astounded by your child's talent and big smile. Why? Because you are their parent and because they make you so proud, regardless of whether they are wiggling their toosh, stunned by the lights or in full flight across the stage. ENJOY! Childhood is so fleeting.
We have some magical moments awaiting you. I can't pick a favourite routine yet. Thanks again for your support and co-operation- it makes it so much easier to focus on the children. Lots more information coming your way over the next few weeks. We will endeavour not to bombard you too much.

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