Monday, July 4, 2011


CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF OUR AMAZING STUDENTS FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCES DURING SOLO AND GROUP EVENTS AT DUBBO EISTEDDFOD. Congratulations also to all of our fellow competitors who shone so brightly and came together to celebrate a love for Dance & Performance. We really enjoyed the opportunity to share in each other's successes and of course, catch up on all the Razzle Dazzle associated with our Dance World. Stepping Out always participates with the philosophy that it's got to be fun and I was so pleased to see so many of our students embracing the Eisteddfod and being as fantastic off stage as they were on stage. My applause. Miss Emma and I were incredibly proud.
So many great solo results that I fear I won't do them all justice. Stepping Out has lots of wonderful students entering as soloists now and it was a pleasure to share in your growth and development.
Special Mention must be made to little Zaidee Catto who made her stage debut. Congratulations Zaidee. You were amazing and so brave to step out onto that stage and then do your "thang" with such aplomb. GO ZAIDEE and fancy getting first place!! Well Done.
Fantastic performances were made by every one who danced and some notable results. As Stepping Out now has over 50 solo entries, space and time just will not permit to list every single placing but we were lucky enough to get some Major Award recipients.
Congratulations to Paris Burns who was a FINALIST in the REVUE SCHOLARSHIP.
Big Congratulations to Ondine Slack-Smith for highest pointscore by a local dancer ( Under 12s) and Brinley Catto for Encouragement Award. Caitlin Griffith also received a trophy for her Own Choreography.
In the Groups, we were awarded 3rd place, 12 years and 10 years Under Modern. Highly Commended in Open Contemporary, Open Tap, 12 years Tap, 12 years Jazz. 2nd place in 10 years Jazz and 1st place Open Hip Hop.

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