Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well done to everyone who competed in the first week of the holidays at Forbes Eisteddfod. We enjoyed excellent results!
Brinley Catto had an amazing time at Forbes gaining first places in all three of her routines! Well done Brinley! She won the 6 yrs & U Open Jazz, 6 yrs & U Open Classical and very spectacularly, 8 yrs & U Modern. ( I heard this one was especially beautifully performed.)Brinley was also the recipient of the Most Promising Trophy.
The Keizer Girls did us all proud with spectacular performances. Holly received 2nd in 8 yrs & U Jazz, 3rd in her Demi, and admirable performances in her Tap, Ballet & Modern. Laura knocked the crowd out again with her superstar smile and boom boom Hips to get Highly Commended in the Baby Dance. Miss Meg also did a beautiful job, winning her Jazz Duo with Miss Jade Bunt and Highly Commended in Jazz. Great performances in all her other solos. Miss Jade did a very impressive impro to tricky music and danced very well in her Open divsions.
Amber Bunt received Highly Commended in her Classical, 2nd in Modern Impro, Highly Commended for her Modern, 1st Jazz Impro, selection in both Jazz & Classical Scholarships, 1st in Classical Scholarship (YAY!) and 1st with Brandi McGuire in their new Modern Duo ( and by new I mean finished a few days before performance.)
Sascha Windsor was amazing in her first solo winning her Jazz and did a fantastic job of her Modern. Cleo Ferrari also danced amazingly in her sections.
Brandi McGuire received Highly Commended for her Modern and outstanding performances in all other routines with very strong competition.
Well done to Melissa McDonald who won her Jazz solo and Highly Commended in her Jazz Impro. Great work Lissy! Brother Joe got a whopping 92 points and 1st place in his own Choreography! What a talented pair!!
Paris Burns received 2nd in her Classical, 3rd in her Demi, 2nd in Modern, 1st in Contemporary and 2nd in Modern Championship and was selected as a finalist in the Classical Scholarship.

Any other news from Forbes please let me know! I was rummaging through my text messages to get this terrific news. Happy Holidays Everyone! See you next week!

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