Tuesday, September 23, 2008


WE are a day away from our dream trip to the States to perform at Disneyland, Universal Studios and take classes at the EDGE! We are still pinching ourselves- it just doesn't seem real!
We had our Final Rehearsal Sunday and I could have cried. You have all come so far and it was a tingly moment to be able to just sit back and enjoy you as performers. We are very proud of you all. You have pushed yourselves and worked so hard and been so co-operative with your teachers. Some of you may have doubted if it would all be worth it at times and I think we saw Sunday and I know we will see during this next week that YES, IT WAS DEFINATELY WORTH IT!You have all become better dancers and more importantly, better people because you know with Hard Work comes Great Rewards! From Miss Leesa and I, our love, best wishes and hearty applause. Have a wonderful trip, learn as much as you can, soak up as much as you can, enjoy as much as you can and have the time of your life. We can't wait to see you centre stage.
Special thanks to Gail for all her efforts with our uniform (we will look schmick- hope we don't get too mobbed at airports by paparazzi), Sonya for our stunning costumes, Anne (my mum) for the 3 hrs of hand beading on each and every Junior Modern costume, all the family and friends who shared in this from the very first audition and trusted that we were doing the very best for your children to ensure that this dream became a reality. BON VOYAGE!!

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