Saturday, July 28, 2007


GOOD LUCK EVERYONE !! LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ON STAGE! WE HAD AMAZING RESULTS AT DUBBO EISTEDDFOD (WHOO HOO "BEST JUNIOR GROUP 2007") and you were looking fabulous in class on Wednesday. Miss Emma says that the Forbes Seniors are ROCKING and I hear from Miss Leesa, that the Orange Seniors are outstanding!
Hey Everyone,
Wellington Eisteddfod will be held on Saturday, 4th August at the Civic Hall, Swift St, Wellington. Once again, it is hard to determine exact times of performance from program but we have done our best to estimate. Wellington Eisteddfod has a lot of entries and it is hard to be sure if all groups will be in attendance on the day. Hair, make up and costuming as per other Eisteddfods (yes Raise You Up girls- breathe in…….) We are normally allocated dressing rooms so please meet in relevant room for our studio when you arrive.
8 Yrs & Under Group- Happy Feet “Hit Me Up”- please be at the Civic Hall by 8.50am dressed and ready to go as our section commences at 9am.
Modern Groups “Raise You Up” & “Scarborough Fair”- please be at the Civic Hall by 9.30am with hair and make up complete. It is estimated our section will commence at 10am if every school entered turns up. Scarborough Fair will be Number 1 and Raise You Up will be number 6.
Contemporary Group “Clowns”- please be at Civic Hall by 1.30pm with hair and make up complete.
Jazz Group “Football”- please be at Civic Hall by 2pm with hair and make up complete.
Classical Group- please be at Civic Hall by 2.30pm.

EXTRA REHEARSALS for Scarborough Fair & Classical Thursday 2nd August at studio 2, 6.00-7.00pm.

Raise You Up has been asked to perform at this special night for a very special and brave little girl, Jenna Barnes.
Jenna Barnes is the three year old daughter of Mark and Karen Barnes both school teachers in Dubbo. Jenna has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. The Barnes family has had to relocate to Sydney for the duration of Jenna's treatment and this has placed a difficult financial burden on the family.
The Friends of Jenna Barnes have banded together for a Benefit Performance to raise funds to help the Barnes family. The Benefit will be held on Friday August 3rd at 7.30PM in St Brigid's Church, Brisbane St Dubbo
Please meet Miss Rikki at 7.30pm outside the church. Due to lack of dressing room space, please come dressed with coat/jacket over your costume. We are in the first half of the performance and students can stay with me for the duration of the show if parents are not attending. I know we are dancing next day at Wellington so I think our students will have performed by 8.15pm. Let me know if you would like to pick them up at this time or have them stay with me. Ticket information is as follows for those people who would like to attend
Tickets are available from St Johns College shop at a cost of $10 for adults, $5 children and $20 for a family of two adults and two or more children of the family.

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