Sunday, December 2, 2018


Costume Collection 2018

Angelina Students will receive their costumes during their classes this week. 

Friday class ( we were waiting on some sizes to arrive and then needed to steam them) so you are welcome to collect each afternoon from 4pm- 7pm ( Monday- Wednesday) or Tuesday morning 9am- 10am or Thursday morning 9am- 10am in readiness for your dress rehearsal.

Classical Ballet students will receive their costumes during their class times this week (if all costume payments have been made and term invoices finalised.)

All Senior Students will receive their costumes in class ( if all costume payments have been made and term invoices finalised. Modern headpieces are available at the studio and are $20.)
Performance Students ( Jet Set) will receive their costumes in class. 
Performance/ Musical Theatre “The Wizard of Oz.”  Musical Theatre students paid their deposits of $30 to Sonya.  I ended up doing the Citizens of Oz and the Munchkins.  If your child also is in 10 years/ 12 years Performance and paid a performance costume fee in some cases they will require a reimbursement but if they are enrolled in both Performance and Musical Theatre they are now covered.  We can work this out with those involved on Wednesday.  Sonya did all soloists and Winged Monkeys so balance payable will be made to her.

Balances for Sonya’s Costume Collection Wednesday 5th December at studio 4-7pm is as follows;
5/ 6 years Jazz $30
7/8 years Jazz $35
9/10 Jazz  $35
11/12 years Jazz $35
14 years Jazz $35
Thursday Jazz $30
Junior Hip Hop $35
Intermediate Hip Hop $35
Junior Tap $35
Intermediate Tap $35
Junior Modern $35
Intermediate Modern $35
Musical Theatre/ Performance $35 ( they are available for collection from me when it is most convenient for you.
Musical Theatre Soloists/ Winged Monkeys $35
If you ordered stockings, underwear etc they are due to arrive Monday and will be available to collect from the office during normal class times.

The Special Concert 20th Year Tshirts are on their way from the UK and can be collected from the theatre during dress rehearsals but we will update the Facebook page if they arrive any earlier and you wish to collect.
Our Concert Programs will also be ready for collection ( it is hoped Thursday) at dress rehearsals and are available for pre-order for $10.  There is only a 100 print run on these so be quick to secure your copy. 
We regret that costumes cannot be collected until full costume payment is made and will only be handed out if 2018 accounts are up to date.  Please ensure that there are no outstanding invoices.  Full payment of fees is a condition of concert participation.! 
Thank you for your understanding and patience.  With over 275 children due to hit the stage in three big shows “It always seems impossible until it’s done” and we appreciate the goodwill , cooperation and kindness of you all very much. 

As always, please feel free to ask any questions.  The and Facebook page are a hive of information and have all notes posted there that you may have missed.  Our aim is always happy children ( and parents!)  We endeavour to make this a fun, rewarding, stress free and memorable occasion for all.
Enjoy the lead up to what we know is going to be a beautiful weekend of shining children and shining performances. 

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